Monday, August 6, 2012

Full Sail Assignment 1

The main point of my blog is to give my opinion on different things in the sports world.  Whether if it be MLB, NHL, NBA, or the NFL, I have an opinion about it.  Now with the olympics on too, I can give my opinion about that, but I usually choose not to on the blog because of the fact that it last only a few weeks, and my blogs do not get high traffic, so I just do not discuss them in blogs. With the sports, I will give my predictions in who I believe is going to win the divisions/championships, which athletes will win what awards, and if there is a big trade, free agency signing, or draft pick of a team that I follow closely, I will give my opinion on how I feel about the player the team I like got or lost. 
Even though I use blogs mainly for sports purposes, I do talk about more important things when I feel it is appropriate.  Usually after a tragedy, for example, the Colorado shootings in late July, I will give my perspective on the situation, why it happened, how I feel the media is handling it, and what the Bible says about it. Overall though, my blog is going to have a majority of sports things.


At August 6, 2012 at 8:25 PM , Blogger Jhurst said...

Good blog Brandon. I am also into sports I will definitely be checking out what you will be doing in this class hopefully we can talk sports over the next few weeks.


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